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  • Living Room
    • Tidy the sofa.
    • Pick up crumbs with a handheld vacuum.
    • Wipe tables.
  • Bedroom
    • Make beds.
    • Put away dirty clothes in laundry baskets.
    • Hang your clothes.
  • Kitchen
    • Prepare meals.
    • Do the dishes after meals.
    • Clear out and wipe down the sink.
    • Wipe quickly the kitchen counter.
    • Sweep of major crumbs on the floor.
    • Empty trash bags in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen.
  • Bathroom
    • Clean splatters off the bathroom mirror.
    • Wipe down bathroom sinks and tubs after each use.
    • Spray shower doors with a shower mist.
    • Wipe the toilet seat and rim.
  • Other
    • Sort the mail.
    • Put things back in their proper place.
    • Put away children’s toys.
    • Clean cat litter boxes.

Daily Cleaning Checklist
  Fae Graham

on December 26, 2011

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