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  • turn off open sign and lock front door at appropriate time
  • lights/fans/television
  • hot well – empty water pan
  • fill retarder with appropriate amount of bread/flatbread
  • take enough product out of the freezer to thaw for morning prep
  • check backups for expiration dates (follow previously laid out instructions)
  • finish all food prep for the night (full front fridge)
  • rotate and restock chip rack with all varieties
  • rotate and restock bottled beverage cooler with all varieties
  • stock: napkings, bags, wrap, dressings, crackers, utensils, cups, lids, straws, sugars, creamer
  • proofer
  • cover all products from sandwich unit and place in walk-in for overnight storage
  • clean hot well pan and spacers
  • oven
  • wash cutting boards and waste catch pans
  • place sauce containers in appropriate overnight storage area
  • wash, rinse, and sanitize all dishes
  • wash, rinse, and sanitize speed oven basket and paddle
  • wash, rinse, and soak (in HOT sani) soda machine nozzles
  • remove any food particles from sink and wipe down all parts, including backsplash
  • clean and refill condiment bottles
  • empty trash cans and wipe down outside trash cans
  • clean all counters, walls, sandwich unit glass, prep tables, cookie display, under coin machine, and keyboard
  • clean and mop under bread cabinets, wipe down all parts of cabinets
  • clean tables, chairs (wipe down all parts of booths), and any other dining furniture
  • clean microwave and speed oven
  • clean inside and outside of proofer and oven doors
  • wipe down all faux wood cabinets/walls (under soda machine, in front of and behind sandwich table)
  • sweep and mop all floors (including backroom)
  • clean bathrooms
  • clean soda machine surfaces and grates (remove grate, clean both sides, and clean inside well), pour cup of hot water down drain
  • make all necessary deposits
  • complete money cash-in
  • create drop for all remaining money in drawer and drop all bills in safe
  • equipment off?
  • cabinets closed?
  • everything stocked and cleaned?
  • doors locked?
  • clean inside and outside of sandwich unit completely
  • speed oven
  • sandwich unit
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on May 10, 2013

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