Will Checklist

Information about Yourself

  • For the purposes of tax and investment advice.
  • Married/co-habiting/civil partner
  • Or step children

Value Of Your Property

  • Any property owned in your sole name, including house, bank accounts, society security, saving certificates, shares, car, etc.
  • Details of any house owned with another in joint names.
  • Details of bank/building society accounts or other property owned with another in joint names.
  • And whether they are nominated.
  • Including whether or not you have instructed the Insurance Company to benefit a particular person on your death.
  • Especially if you have made any substantial gifts within the last seven years. This information is needed for Inheritance Tax purposes.
  • Whether your property mortgaged and whether you have any other substantial debts.

Names of intended Beneficiaries

Details of any gifts you want to make

  • Do you want to give any special items to named beneficiaries.
  • Do you want to make gifts of cash to friends or charities.

Other Information