Stress Relief Checklist

Quick Fixes

  • This is a good way to deal with a stressful situation where you only have a few minutes to spare.
  • Step away from the computer! Shut off your phone! Even just having a few minutes of tech-free time can work wonders for your frazzled nerves. Just pretend you're on a plane and it's not allowed.
  • Besides being chock-full of antioxidants, the soothing heat and aroma from fresh tea can ease frazzled nerves. But nix the don't want to put yourself more on edge!
  • These small squishy toys were popular a few years ago, but thanks to the increasingly stressful demands of 21st century life, they're making a comeback.
  • You may not be a fan of classical music or bird calls, but studies have shown that both have soothing effects on your mind, and may even increase creativity. So relax....and let the creative juices flow.
  • Jot down your thoughts in a journal or even a notepad. Just putting down your stresses in writing can help get them out of your system. You can even trash or burn the paper afterwards (just make sure you do it safely).
  • Even just a few minutes of cuddling or playing with a pet can help reduce stress. Animals, unlike most people, have ;therapeutic ;properties!

Extended Remedies

If your stress level is continually running high, you could be vulnerable to a host of health woes, from chronic headaches and fatigue to high blood pressure. Find out how to ease stress with these tips from our Stress Relief Checklist. There's extended remedies as well as quick fixes for when you only have a minute to relax!


  • Don't take stress-relief lightly! Stress can impair your mental and physical health, so if you're chronically stressed it's important to take time out to recuperate.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water, eat regular, nutritious meals, and get some moderate exercise. Diet and exercise both have an impact on how  well your body handles stress.