Selling House Checklist

Before putting the house on the market

  • Hire a certified building inspector to conduct an official inspection.
  • Have your home appraised to see how much it is worth, and what your equity is.
  • Select a real estate agent. Have them visit your home and give you pointers on how to obtain your asking price.
  • Make a list of things to attend to before listing the house.

Increase the home's value

If you are still living in the home

If you have moved out

Open house

Whether you are managing the sale of your own house or having a realtor do it for you, preparing for the actual sale is a mammoth task. You may be trying to ready for the sale at the same time that you are trying to get ready to move; or, if you are selling a second residence or have already moved out, you may be trying to ensure that an empty house still feels like a home to prospective buyers. There are many things you can do to make your home sale a success; from renovations to increase value and appeal, to staging even if you have moved your own belongings out in order to make it feel warm and inviting.


Whether or not you get your asking price can hinge on how impressed the buyer is with the home and how easily they can visualize themselves happy in it. This means doing your best to present your house as a comfortable, elegant place to escape from the world outside. No matter what the housing market is doing or what other houses in the neighborhood are selling for, each situation is unique. No-one's house will look exactly like your own - even in cookie cutter neighborhoods, each individual or family will subtly make their home special, reflecting their own sense of style and personality. Working out a plan to present that uniqueness as desirable and appealing is part of the selling process. Once you have done everything in your power to make your home as inviting as possible, you can sit back and wait for the offers. Be prepared to haggle a little - your asking price should be well above the minimum you are willing to accept, and you should also take realtor's fees and closing costs into account as well as expenses for inspections and the like, this checklist can help you get all the basics taken care of before your all important open house.