Restaurant Daily Opening Checklist

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    Person Opening restaurant

    Who is opening the restaurant and responsible for completing this checklist

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    Opening time

    Record the time you opened

    Check Exterior

    Inspect the exterior of the restaurant for safety, cleanliness and any issues.

    Check Interior

    Inspect the interior of the restaurant for cleanliness and any issues.

    Check Kitchen Equipment

    Verify that all kitchen equipment is operational.

    Check Ovens

    Ensure all ovens are clean and functioning properly.

    Check Refrigerators

    Verify the condition and temperature of all refrigerators.

    Safety Checks

    Perform safety checks for various areas in the restaurant.

    Fire Extinguishers

    Check the location and condition of fire extinguishers.

    Emergency Exits

    Ensure all emergency exits are unobstructed and functional.

    Temperature Checks

    Verify the temperature of refrigerated and heated storage.

    Refrigerator Temperature

    Check and record the temperature inside each refrigerator.

    Heating Equipment Temperature

    Check and record the temperature of heating equipment.

    Stock Inventory

    Verify stock levels and replenish if necessary.

    Food Supplies

    Check and restock food supplies.

    Beverage Supplies

    Check and restock beverage supplies.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Check and restock cleaning supplies.

    Employee Assignments

    Assign tasks to employees for the day.

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    Front of House

    Assign tasks related to the front of the restaurant.

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    Back of House

    Assign tasks related to the kitchen and back areas.

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    Open Cash Registers

    Ensure all cash registers are operational and properly stocked.

    POS Systems

    Verify the functionality of the Point of Sale (POS) systems.

    Cash Handling

    Review cash handling procedures with the staff.

    Set Up Dining Area

    Arrange tables and chairs in the dining area.

    Clean and Sanitize Tables

    Ensure all dining tables are clean and sanitized.

    Check Restrooms

    Inspect and clean restrooms.

    Restroom Supplies

    Check and restock restroom supplies.

    Open Outdoor Seating

    If applicable, set up and clean outdoor seating area.

    Inspect Outdoor Furniture

    Check the condition of outdoor furniture.

    Daily Specials

    Discuss and display the daily specials.

    Staff Briefing

    Conduct a brief meeting with staff to discuss the day's plan.

    Open for Business

    Officially open the restaurant for the day.

Scores 5.00 with 1 votes

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