Property Inspection Checklist

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Property Inspection Checklist
  • If the foundation cracked or wet or the structure is leaning badly, serious foundation damage may have occurred. Have a foundation repair specialist check it out.
  • The roof should be in good repair, with flashing intact and no missing shingles. Have a roofer inspect it if there are signs of water damage or leaks.
  • Inspect the supporting beams for sign of rot or insect damage. Flooring should be even and properly nailed or screwed down. Railing should be intact.
  • All limbs should be trimmed away from power lines and away from structures. Limbs overhanging buildings may require the services of a professional tree trimmer.
  • If wooden, check for signs of damage or need for painting. If manufactured, check for cracks or missing pieces.
  • These should be watertight, with weather-stripping and caulking redone within the last year. Broken glass should be replaced.
  • If the lawn is unkempt or in poor condition, a landscaping or lawn care service my be required to get it back in shape.
  • If buildings show signs of severe weathering, a new coat of paint may be in order.
  • Fencing should be intact and posts should be in firm footing. Missing slats or rotted posts should be replaced by a professional fencing company.
  • Any sagging sections should be checked out immediately. Water spots are a sign that integrity has been compromised.
  • Places that give way when you step on them indicate a professional flooring contractor be contacted to determine if the damage is foundation or insect related.
  • Doorways should be square - sticking doors may indicate a foundation shift that should be looked into. Load-bearing walls should not be creaked or buckled.
  • Ask for proof that the building contains no asbestos, and ensure that there is sufficient insulation to prevent undue energy loss.
  • Have a plumber do a quick check of all pipes to ensure they are up to code and that there are no leaks. Check water pressure and hot water heater.
  • Watch out for outlets with signs of scorching. Locate the breaker box and determine which breakers control which rooms.
  • Carpets should be in good condition, call a professional cleaner if needed. Wood floors may require sanding and refinishing.
  • Blinds should be in working condition. Draped may require professional cleaning.
  • Check all hanging and indirect lighting as well as ceiling fans.
  • Have heating and air conditioning units checked out and serviced by a professional.
  • Call a chimney sweep if needed to clean the flue, remove creosote and ensure your fireplace is safe to use.
  • Consider having professional house-painters spruce up walls in rooms that show signs of dinginess or stains.
  • Rotted or outdated fixtures should be replaced. Cabinet doors can be sanded and repainted or stained.
  • Any peeling paint indicates a need to sand and repaint doors. Check doorknobs and replace if needed. Remember to check for deadbolts on the exterior doors.
  • Look in nooks and crannies checking for insects or vermin. Call a pest control company if needed to spray or place bait.
Scores 4.82 with 426 votes

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