Pregnancy Checklist

When you are pregnant for the first time it can all be a little overwhelming. And not only if you are pregnant for the first time. Even the second, third or forth pregnancy can cause a little panic. With this pregnancy checklist you can follow what there is to know and see if you need to buy or arrange something for your little one to enter the world. Use it for yourself or share it with your baby-dady so he can also follow what is going on with you and figure out what it is that you really need.

First Three Months of Pregnancy (The 1st Trimester)

  • Ensure you have the right dates
  • Browse web sites with information about pregnancy and babies
  • Talk to your OB doctor about diet, fluid needs, exercise, rest and activity.
  • even aspirin or nose spray
  • Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins every day.

4th Month of Pregnancy

  • Review your insurance pregnancy coverage and co-pay.
  • Check with your employer about maternity leave benefits.

5th Month of Pregnancy

6th Month of Pregnancy

  • Begin to think about child-care plans, if returning to work or school.

7th Month of Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding?
  • Ask your doctor about required newborn tests.

8th Month of Pregnancy

  • Start gathering items for your hospital bag
  • Check out parking and entrance.
  • Make sure everything is ready at home for the baby.

9th Month of Pregnancy

  • Fix and freeze some future meals; arrange for help once home.