Pregnancy Checklist

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Pregnancy Checklist
  • Ensure you have the right dates
  • Browse web sites with information about pregnancy and babies
  • Talk to your OB doctor about diet, fluid needs, exercise, rest and activity.
  • even aspirin or nose spray
  • Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins every day.
  • Review your insurance pregnancy coverage and co-pay.
  • Check with your employer about maternity leave benefits.
  • Begin to think about child-care plans, if returning to work or school.
  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding?
  • Ask your doctor about required newborn tests.
  • Start gathering items for your hospital bag
  • Check out parking and entrance.
  • Make sure everything is ready at home for the baby.
  • Fix and freeze some future meals; arrange for help once home.
Scores 4.83 with 412 votes

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