Playground Safety Checklist

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Playground Safety Checklist
  • Bring sweaters or jackets in case it gets cool, and hats and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Make sure proper footwear (socks and gym/running shoes) is worn by all. Laces should be double-knotted tightly.
  • Kids hate to ;interrupt ;playtime, and many playgrounds don't have public restrooms.
  • Many older playgrounds feature metal play structures that are rusty and no longer safe. If you see an abundance of metal and concrete, search somewhere else. Newer playgrounds typically boast brightly colored durable plastic or stainless steel structures, with soft piles of woodchips or rubber foam surfaces in case of falls.
  • Bags of crackers, nuts and dried fruit are good for on-the-go munching.
  • For getting sand or dirt off hands and faces, and wiping down any equipment.
  • This should include band-aids, antiseptic and antibiotic ointment for minor injuries.
  • (jump ropes, balls, etc.)
  • Children should know this, but may need reminding!
  • Kids - even small children - should not slide with another person, even an adult. Recent studies have shown that sliding down the slide with kids in your lap increases the risk of broken or fractured legs in toddlers, as the sliding pair often gets stuck. If your children are small, stand at the end of the slide to catch them, and have another adult or older child accompany them to the top.
  • Waiting for your turn, and sharing playground toys like sandbox items, is an important part of playground playtime.
  • If other children are being abusive, it's time to tell a grown-up.
  • The monkey bars can be especially dangerous, so make sure an adult is nearby to help kids get ;across.
  • Make sure others are well out of the way while swinging. Don't jump from the swing. No "underdogs" allowed! (other kids should not be jumping under the swing while others are swinging).
  • When kids are having fun at play, they often forget to drink and eat. Make sure your little ones are refreshed regularly, and ask if they need to use the restroom regularly.
  • Dress children in easily recognizable article of clothing, such as a brightly colored hat or jacket with an interesting detail.
  • Adults who are ;unaccompanied ;by children, who are lingering at the fringes of the play area should be watched. Anyone who seems very suspicious should be reported to the authorities.
  • Even if your playground is in a well-lit area, being there after dark isn't a good idea.
Scores 4.77 with 111 votes

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