Organize Your Fridge Checklist

Keep it Fresh...or Frozen

  • Unwashed produce lasts longer.
  • If all else fails, smell it first!
  • It will absorb the extra moisture and foods will stay fresher longer.
  • They won't wilt as fast.
  • They'll stay good for weeks.
  • room and keep them in a cool place outside the fridge.
  • Tomatoes emit a gas that hastens the spoiling process
  • When ready for eating, warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and then toast.
  • ..freeze dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Defrost when ready to eat. Partially defrosted yogurt tastes like ice cream!
  • They can be used in ;recipes, blended in shakes or as cereal or yogurt toppers.
  • They'll stay fresh and crunchy for ages.
  • It'll keep longer.

Get Organized

How long has that jar of mayo been in there?! Organize your fridge and find the food you want fast. Keep produce fresher longer with these tips and's easy to do with our Fridge Organizer Checklist.