Gardening Checklist

Gather your equipment

  • ;Purchase any needed mulch, compost or other soil improvers, along with a good quality fertilizer to ensure a green, lush garden.
  • ;Use garden loppers and clippers to prune shrubs and roses, and a garden shovel to dig holes for new plants. A hoe or garden rake can be used to smooth soil.

 Get started

 Spruce up your shrubs and roses

Get to work on the lawn

 Focus on your flowers

Take a look at your trees

As spring warms up the ground, it's time to start waking up your garden, and preparing for the growing season ahead. Take the time now to plan and prepare your yard. By getting your garden prepped and ready for planting early in the spring, you can ensure it will be beautiful all summer long.


  • Depending on your climate, your spring gardening might start any time between February and May.
  • Most gardening tasks will begin around the average date of last frost for your area.
  • Use a good all-purpose slow-acting fertilizer for your shrubs, trees and flowers. Roses will do best with a fertilizer made for their specific needs.