Closet Organizer Checklist

Lauren Meir

Lauren Meir

created on May 22, 2012

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    Use the clips for skirts and pants, the rest for shirts and cotton items.
    For delicate items like blouses, dresses, ;suits or jackets
    Neatly fold and place the items you wear year-round in this handy organizer.
    For delicate or special-occasion items.
    Plastic pockets on a hanger can be a good solution for limited space.
    For belts, ties, necklaces, or keys.
    Place on top shelf, and fill with seasonal clothing like heavy winter sweaters.
    Perfect for purses, scarves and accessories, or socks and undergarments.
    Ditch the shoe tree, and use this handy shoe-sorter instead.
    For smaller items and mementos, which you can keep on the top shelf.
    For dirty clothes. Just make sure it has a lid and is ventilated.
    Keep dresses and suits together, for example.
4.81 with 100 votes


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Our Closet Organizer Checklist will show you the essential items to have for easy closet clean-up. Use these savvy storage solutions for your clothes, undergarments and accessories.

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