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The Netherlands a geographical low lying country , with about 25% of its area and 21% of its population below sea level and 50% of the land laying above sea level. The Netherlands was one of the first countries to have an elected parliament. Among other affiliations, the country is a founding member of the EU. This small country with about 16,5 million inhabitants, its love for cheese, tulips and traditional life style welcomes you to explore and experience.


Advice for travellers:

When travelling through the Netherlands you should be aware of :

  • Public transportation – especially around the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam almost everybody travels via the ways of public transportation ( trams, metro’s , trains)
  • Pickpockets – Do not leave your bag open or walk around with your wallet in open view. Keep an eye on your things is one of the most important advices.
  • Information centers – When you are not aware of the location of your destination ask for help. Talk to the information help desk at the central stations, GVB offices or the police , you do not want to be strolling around the streets of Holland because you will get lost.
  • ‘Dutch social ways’ – The Dutch are known for being creative, but also open minded and pragmatic. They are known for being direct, honest and their tolerant attitudes towards topics such as abortion , euthanasia and the use of (soft )drugs.

Financial plan (money)

  • Make sure you have thought everything through budget wise.
  • Depending on your location you might want to have set up a financial spending plan, being broke within the larger cities of the Netherlands will get you nowhere.
  • Book and reserve your trips in advance. Within the Netherlands it is more reachable when you have already placed a reservation at a restaurant, theater but of course also a hotel or bed and breakfast.
  • When having a low budget trip try to find the lowest rates, this can be at the information stands at the central train stations, shopping at the lower discount stores or having somebody at the Dutch bank help you setting up a financial plan.

How to save money while traveling

  • Try not only going to the must see locations where an entrance fee is needed. Enjoy the culture of the location you are at , look at the architecture, visit a park anything is possible.
  • Try not to go out to eat every time. Of course enjoying a fine restaurant every now and then is perfect, but  when finding a supermarket and spend a lot less money over there; your money will be wisely spent.
  • Instead of going to the luxury hotels in the middle of the center of a city; try to find a nice bed and breakfast or smaller hotel at the less busier crowds. In a lot more cities these are much more cheaper but you will still have a roof above your head and a bed to sleep on.
  • Try not to spend all your money during shopping, it is logical that tourists want to do some shopping and/or bring souvenirs back home but it is wise (especially when coming from abroad) or to have saved up some extra shopping money or to shop at the discount stores.

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