Car Service Checklist

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Use this Car Service Checklist for both self service or garage service:

  • Depending on the weather, tires will either expand or contract, so check their pressure and add air if necessary.
  • Look for things like uneven tread wear, thin spots or bulges and do something about them, quickly.
  • Every car has belts that should be checked on a regular basis, to check for fraying and breakage.
  • Sometimes hoses will burst, become brittle or rot, so check them on a monthly basis.
  • Also called coolant, check the level and add to it if it's low.
  • Check this and if needed, replace.
  • Without regular oil changes, the car engine can be negatively affected in many ways, so do this every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Check and clean the terminals and cables if they are corroded.
  • Brakes do have a fluid level, so check it, and add to it if necessary.
  • Again, a simple, easy thing to do; add to it if it's low.
  • One of the most important things to keep your car running, be sure to keep this at the proper level.
  • Seeing out of the window so that you don't wreck is important, so keep this filled up in case of bugs, muddy rain or other problems.
  • Note if they are starting to slip, or show any signs being worn down.
  • Ensure that these can be seen at any time of day, by anyone.
  • Look for visible holes, cracks, or parts that are not tight.
  • Double-check that the brightness, both standard and bright levels, are actually correct.
  • Does it work correctly, or does it need some help?
  • Determine whether there are any leaks, visible damage, or if they are too loose.
  • First, ensure that there is a spare; then, double-check that the spare is correctly inflated for use, if it is needed.
  • Ensure that the lights work on the inside, and the outside of the vehicle.
  • These do wear out, tear apart, and even rot, so replace them regularly
  • Going through the car, system by system to make sure each one is working properly will save you money in the long run.
  • Check the AC in the spring, and the heat in the fall.
  • Have your tires rotated and the steering aligned yearly.
  • Consider replacing the battery, if it hasn't already been done.
  • If electrical components in the car itself don't work correctly, this will effect the battery, and the entire car, so have it completely checked out.
  • While even the best air conditioners work for a long time, they still need to be re-done occasionally.
  • Tied into keeping the car cool, along with the air conditioning, radiators do need a torough going over, and occasional replacing.
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Coming up with a car service checklist for your own personal use is not hard. And doing it on your own, rather than relying on a repair shop, saves you money. In addition to maintaining your car for as long as possible, a well-oiled machine will also keep you safe. Protect your vehicle and yourself by performing regular maintenance.

Car Service Checklist Tips

  • Weather will impact your service in a couple ways.
    • Tire pressure. Because of the changes in heat and cold, tires expand and contract, causing them to possibly lose air. It's even more critical to regularly check the pressure during extreme weather changes.
    •  Antifreeze. Since this helps to maintain the heating and cooling units, it's critical during extreme weather.
    • This Car Service Checklist is just a reference. Save it to your account and then customize it to fit your particular car and your driving habits

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