Car Service Checklist

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Car Service Checklist
  • Depending on the weather, tires will either expand or contract, so check their pressure and add air if necessary.
  • Look for things like uneven tread wear, thin spots or bulges and do something about them, quickly.
  • Every car has belts that should be checked on a regular basis, to check for fraying and breakage.
  • Sometimes hoses will burst, become brittle or rot, so check them on a monthly basis.
  • Also called coolant, check the level and add to it if it's low.
  • Check this and if needed, replace.
  • Without regular oil changes, the car engine can be negatively affected in many ways, so do this every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Check and clean the terminals and cables if they are corroded.
  • Brakes do have a fluid level, so check it, and add to it if necessary.
  • Again, a simple, easy thing to do; add to it if it's low.
  • One of the most important things to keep your car running, be sure to keep this at the proper level.
  • Seeing out of the window so that you don't wreck is important, so keep this filled up in case of bugs, muddy rain or other problems.
  • Note if they are starting to slip, or show any signs being worn down.
  • Ensure that these can be seen at any time of day, by anyone.
  • Look for visible holes, cracks, or parts that are not tight.
  • Double-check that the brightness, both standard and bright levels, are actually correct.
  • Does it work correctly, or does it need some help?
  • Determine whether there are any leaks, visible damage, or if they are too loose.
  • First, ensure that there is a spare; then, double-check that the spare is correctly inflated for use, if it is needed.
  • Ensure that the lights work on the inside, and the outside of the vehicle.
  • These do wear out, tear apart, and even rot, so replace them regularly
  • Going through the car, system by system to make sure each one is working properly will save you money in the long run.
  • Check the AC in the spring, and the heat in the fall.
  • Have your tires rotated and the steering aligned yearly.
  • Consider replacing the battery, if it hasn't already been done.
  • If electrical components in the car itself don't work correctly, this will effect the battery, and the entire car, so have it completely checked out.
  • While even the best air conditioners work for a long time, they still need to be re-done occasionally.
  • Tied into keeping the car cool, along with the air conditioning, radiators do need a torough going over, and occasional replacing.
Scores 4.80 with 1559 votes

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