Baby Proof Checklist

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Baby Proof Checklist
  • Babies can easily stick their fingers and other objects in electrical outlets and electrocute themselves.
  • Tightly wrap up all electrical wires and tuck them away; secure them to walls, behind furniture or under molding.
  • Secure lower windows that babies can reach, as they can easily fall out of unsecured windows.
  • Books, DVDs, collectibles and any other items you may have out on low shelves should be stored away.
  • Put up fireplace guards around hearths to prevent injury from lit fires, as well as injury from the hard hearth.
  • Cover sharp corners, such as table and shelf edges, with self-adhesive padding to prevent injury.
  • The dangling edges of tablecloths can be tempting to babies and they can easily pull them and pull any items on top of the table off with the tablecloth.
  • These surfaces become very hot and can cause burns if touched by your baby.
  • Avoid having toxic plants in the house, such as poinsettias.
  • Numbers on the list should include the number of your baby's doctor, the numbers to hospitals, fire departments and police stations, as well as numbers to trusted emergency contacts, such a
  • This will keep cleaning products, breakables and anything else that may harm baby at bay.
  • Attach L-brackets to the back of tall furniture and screw the brackets into the walls.
  • Toilets present a potential drowning hazard, as babies can easily lift the lid and fall in.
  • Babies can easily knock their heads into the spout while bathing.
  • Avoid freezing or burning the baby by checking the water temperature; an ideal temperature for babies is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stuffed animals, pillows, blankets and any other loose materials should be removed, as they can potentially suffocate the baby.
  • Use a changing pad with a safety belt and always belt baby onto the table.
  • A baby can easily pull on window coverings or blind cords and injure herself
  • Read labels on toy packaging to ensure the toys you select are ; ; appropriate for the age of your child.
  • Babies can pull off such items and potentially choke on them.
  • Long cords and strings can easily be wrapped around your baby's neck and choke her.
  • Babies explore with their mouths and small toys present a choking hazard.
Scores 4.73 with 88 votes

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