Advertising Checklist

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Advertising Checklist
  • With this type of advertising, you don't expect to make a profit off of the specific item you're advertising, in fact you may even show a loss. However, you gain it back and then some on the backend sales or future sales that you'll make as a result of the new clients you've attracted with your campaign.
  • Are they looking for new customers? Are they trying to attract seasonal business? Are they trying to lock in long term clients with a contract or membership fee?
  • You'll be able to tell if they're using this promotion as a loss leader to attract future business and backend sales or if they're just trying to generate additional sales. If your goals differ from theirs, for example if they're willing to take a loss and you're not, then you may not want to try to compete with them on price alone.
  • People are also interested in value. Compare your promotion to your competitor's and see what you can do to make your promotion more attractive without necessarily lowering the price.
  • Do they read the newspaper or get all of their information from the internet? Do they hang out in restaurants or bars or should you promote to them on campus? Do they read magazines and periodicals or do they hang out at the online social networks like Twitter and Facebook? Do you already have a list that you can promote to via email or would it be better if you made sales calls and presented your promotion face to face or over the phone?
  • For example Are You Suffering From Severe Back Pain? or Is The Bank About To Foreclose And Kick You Out Of Your Home?
  • Our ABC Widget Instantly Relieves And Eliminates Back Pain or Our Expert Negotiators Can Save Your Home And Lower Your Payment.
  • By Relieving The Pressure On Your Vertebrae, Our ABC Widget Instantly And Permanently Reduces Pain Causing Inflammation.
  • Let them know that this is a limited time offer or that supplies or limited.
  • If you're advertising online then you want them to Click Here And Buy Now. If you're advertising in print then you want them to Pick Up That Phone Right Now And Call 123-4567.
  • Give a clear address with easy to understand directions or a small map when using print advertising.
  • Regardless of how large or how small your business is or how much profit you hope to gain from your promotion, you goal is to increase exposure for your company and your sales copy is your one chance at making a good first impression. There are all sorts of psychological factors to take into consideration when writing sales copy, the font size, font face, font color, the words you use to create the need for your product and the words you use to create a sense of urgency. A professional copywriter has been trained to write sales copy that takes all of this into consideration and generates sales. Every penny you spend on advertising is important and you don't want to waste a single cent. Consult a professional copywriter before you run your next ad.
Scores 4.75 with 151 votes

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