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  • Planning the Zoo Trip
    • Visit the zoo’s website ahead of time to learn what is offered and at what times.
    • Plan your trip for times when the zoo is less crowded.
    • If possible, purchase tickets online.
    • Find out the feeding schedule so you can see the animals in action.
    • Check to see if there are any animal shows or zookeeper talks.
    • Visit the zoo’s website to print out a map of the zoo.
    • Figure out what you definitely want to see and do.
    • On the map, have you child mark what she’d like to see.
    • Number each area in the order that you plan to visit.
    • Teach your children that they are visiting the animal’s home and need to respect the environment.
    • Decide whether you will bring snacks and lunch, or will buy them at the zoo.
    • Pack the night before so the morning isn’t crazy.
    • Watch the weather.
  • At the Zoo
    • For older kids, plan a scavenger hunt before you get to the zoo.
    • Have your little zoo keeper hold onto a map and help keep track of where you are.
    • Encourage younger children to make animal sounds.
    • Don’t rush.
  • After the Zoo Trip
    • Consider ‘adopting’ a particular animal if your child was really impressed with it.
    • Consider a zoo camp.
    • Go to the library in search of animal books or do an Internet search to find out more.

Zoo Trip Checklist
  Fae Graham

on December 26, 2011

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