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  • 2-3 Weeks Before the Yard Sale
    • Check community rules to see if a license is required for your yard sale.
    • Confirm when and where you are allowed to post yard sale signs.
    • Collect items you no longer need.
    • Choose a date to have your sale.
    • Encourage your neighbors to participate.
    • Compose your newspaper ad.
    • Call the newspaper and place the ad.
  • 1 Week Before the Yard Sale
    • Make sure items for sale are clean and in good repair.
    • Go to the bank to get change for the sale.
    • Price the items and organize them into groups of like items.
    • Make, buy or print yard sale signs that will direct shoppers to your sale.
  • The Day of the Yard Sale
    • Set-up a card table and chair for a check out stand.
    • Put the items to be sold on the tables in an organized fashion.
    • Price your items clearly with the pricing sticker.
    • Organize the change in a change box.
    • Have a calculator, pen and paper handy for totaling item prices.
    • Have bags, and newspaper for wrapping fragile items.
    • Plug in an extension cord to test electrical items.
    • Post the signs in high traffic, visible areas.
    • Set out small snacks and soft drinks for your workers.
    • Open the sale for business.
  • After the Yard Sale
    • Donate unsold items in good condition to your church benevolence supply or non-profit organization.
    • Remove your sale signs.

Yard Sale Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 26, 2011

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