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  • Spring Yard Maintenance
    • Rake shrub beds and yards.
    • Bag debris.
    • Apply a couple of inches of mulch to help retain water to feed your shrubs and plants.
    • Seed bare or sparse spots.
    • Don’t prune trees and shrubs that flower.
  • Fall Yard Maintenance
    • Wooden posts or braces may need repainting or treating to prevent rotting or destruction by termites.
    • Check for nails that are drawing out.
    • On trellises, check for loose or hanging vines.
    • Check masonry walls for loose stones or mortar.
    • Keep benches and lawn chairs in good repair.
    • Inspect the walks.
    • Loose steps, or loose stones in steps, should be checked and repaired.
    • Remove overgrown or underdeveloped plants.
    • Replace and secure steps, realign stones to catch and hold moisture.
    • Clean and repair the garden pool.
    • Check and repair all mechanisms that keep any fountains in operation during the spring and summer seasons.

Yard Maintenance Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 26, 2011

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