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  • Selecting Virtual Assistant
    • Try several virtual assistants at the same time.
    • Come up with a few basic tasks that will give you a good idea of their skill level.
    • Use tasks that require several skills.
    • Take the top candidates and give them a second, more difficult, project.
    • Settle on whomever you prefer to work with.
  • Key Skills of Your Virtual Assistant
    • Good spoken and written English.
    • Proactive.
    • Quick learner.
    • Well-organized.
  • Training Your Virtual Assistant
    • Have her/him go through some online video training that fits your project.
    • Keep your training resources organized.
    • Keep a document with links to everything you have asked your assistant to read as part of training.
    • Create a list of how to do tricky things step by step.
    • Have her/him create documentation of processes and the steps to do various things.
  • Managing Your Virtual Assistant
    • Set task duration expectations.
    • Make sure to give enough background information to work effectively.
    • Make sure you have some type of low priority task to work on if she/he run out of things to do.
    • Make sure that something isn’t taking a lot longer than you expect.
    • Create a regular timesheet.
    • Create screen casts.
    • Set up screen sharing so you can take a peek at what your assistant is working on.

Virtual Assistant Checklist
  Jefferey Rondman

on January 2, 2012

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