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  • Flight
    • To beat jetlag, book an overnight flight or one that arrives in the evening when travelling east.
    • When making flight reservation, remember to request for special meals if you have any food restrictions.
    • Make sure you reach the airport for check in well before departure time.
    • For a smooth ride on a plane, choose the seats located near the wings.
    • Take an anti sickness pill before the flight, if you are prone to motion sickness.
    • To prevent the swelling of feet walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes.
    • If you are planning to watch the in flight movie, choose the fourth or fifth row from the screen to avoid getting a neck cramp.
    • Do not accept any package from a stranger.
    • Report any unattended items in the airport or aircraft to the nearest airport or airline personnel.
  • Driving
    • Drive defensively – not aggressively.
    • Always keep windows up and doors locked.
    • Keep valuables and belongings out of sight.
    • Know your route, plan it ahead of time, and vary your routes.
    • Be suspicious of "accidents".
    • If attacked try to crouch down and drive away.
    • Keep the gas tank full at all times.
    • Watch for evidence of tampering with your auto.
    • Avoid driving or renting expensive automobiles.
  • Hotel
    • Make your hotel reservations in advance, especially if you are visiting a place in peak season.
    • Call the hotel twice to confirm the rates.
    • Don’t depend solely on the hotel’s alarm service.
    • When you check into your hotel, ask the reception to give you a card with the hotel’s name address and telephone number.
    • Check whether your hotel has a hair-dryer, iron, coffee percolator, etc, to avoid carrying these gadgets.
  • Documentation Essentials
    • Travel visa’s for destination countries.
    • Passport.
    • Copy of passport.
    • Drivers license.
    • Copy of drivers license.
    • Health card.
    • Airline tickets.
    • Copy of tickets.
    • Insurance phone numbers.
    • Emergency phone numbers.
    • Money belt.
    • Cash.
    • Mastercard, Visa, American Express.
    • Copy of cards and phone numbers.
    • Bank card.
    • Copy of bank card.
    • Small purse.
    • Travel rewards cards.

Traveling Checklist
  Bianca Hendriks

on December 28, 2011

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