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Follow this Shipping Checklist to ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination:

  • Preparing Shipment
    • Check if you ship what you want where you want.
    • Check Required Forms.
    • List each commodity that you are shipping and provide a detailed description of each.
    • Include the declared value, along with your description of the content.
    • Check contact information – write details clearly on the boxes by using block letters.
    • Package your shipment securely.
    • Purchase insurance for high value items.
    • Decide on the shipping method.
    • Research the payment methods.
    • Make a booking of a shipment service.
  • Sending Shipment
    • Your shipment will be cleared through the Customs office.
    • Provide a photocopy of your passport.
    • Provide a detailed list of the items in your shipment.
    • Provide a detailed list with the value of your items.
    • Check for proper labeling of your boxes and bags.
    • Match the shipping documents against the shipping labels to ensure correct shipping information.
  • Destination
    • Contact the airline cargo office or shipping line agent which has received your shipment.
    • Pay any customs or clearance fees that are required.
    • Go the customs office and show your passport and your copy of your airwaybill.
    • Pick up your shipment from the airline cargo office or from the nominated depot.

Shipping Checklist Tips

  • The shipping checklist is a guideline. Each case can be different. Simply save the checklist and then customize it for your own needs.
Shipping Checklist
  Campbell Rodriguez

on January 2, 2012

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