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  • Finances
    • Consult with your financial advisor.
    • Reduce or eliminate outstanding debt.
    • Apply for Social Security benefits, if you haven’t already done so.
    • Speak to your bank about refinancing options.
    • Determine your health care coverage and expenses once you retire Do some research to be sure your plan matches your needs and budget.
    • Review your insurance policies (Homeowners, Long-Term Care, Auto, Life, etc.)
    • Review the payment options in your pension plan – every month, every year, lump sum, etc.
    • Find a tax consultant.
    • Find an attorney.
    • Create or update your last will & testament with your attorney Discuss it with beneficiaries.
    • Set aside some money for emergencies.
    • Make a budget according to the new lifestyle you will have.
    • Consider working part-time to keep you busy and earn additional income.
  • Lifestyle
    • Choose your retirement date Be sure to investigate employee benefits before doing so.
    • Plan a retirement party!
    • Decide what kind of lifestyle you will have when you retire: active, indulgent, etc.
    • Research various places you’d like to travel to, the best time of year to travel there and the estimated cost of each trip Find Bed & Breakfasts.
    • Learn a new hobby, sport or skill – play an instrument, paint, draw, dance, etc Find a school.
    • Turn a hobby or passion into a business Start a company.
    • Exercise regularly to stay fit, healthy and strong Find a gym or personal trainer.
    • Make your own website or blog Find a website design company.
    • Learn a foreign language Find a language school.
    • Find places to volunteer your time.
    • Go back to school to study something you always wanted to learn more about.
    • Get a pet to keep you company Find pet services.
    • Consider obtaining at-home care or assisted living services Find health care options.
    • Take on a challenging project you didn’t have time for in the past. Perhaps renovate your home or go green!
  • Location
    • Decide if you will spend your retirement in your current location or go elsewhere (new home, nursing home, move in with family, etc ).
    • If moving, research where you’d like to spend your retirement Consider things like proximity to transportation hubs, hospitals, family and friends, etc.
    • Consider selling your current home if you are moving to a new one Research the market and find a realtor.
    • Visit the areas you have selected for retirement.
    • Find local or international retirement properties Enlist the help of a real estate agent.
    • Purchase a retirement home, or a second home See our Buy a House checklist.
    • If your time will be shared between 2 or more locations, consider renting each home when it is vacant Find a property management company.
    • If you are moving, see our ‘Moving’ checklist for related tasks and deadlines.
    • Find a moving company to help you relocate.
    • Consider renovating certain elements of your home to make them more senior-friendly (Such as walk-in bathtub, door handles, wheelchair accessibility, etc.). Find tradesmen.

Retirement Checklist
  Fae Graham

on January 2, 2012

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