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  • Board of Directors
    • Know its roles and responsibilities as a governing body.
    • Review the organization’s bylaws regularly and update them as needed.
    • Serve as ambassadors and advocate for the organization with the community.
    • Hold itself accountable.
    • Treat the CEO with respect.
  • Employees
    • Are fairly and reasonably compensated.
    • Are evaluated regularly and fairly based on the staff policies and job descriptions.
    • Are sufficiently and adequately trained to do work.
    • Have adequate offices and equipment.
  • Planning
    • Organization is engaged in financial and strategic planning.
    • Organization plan regularly and make updates when necessary.
    • Have sufficient resources to achieve the plans.
    • Have diversified and sustainable resources.
    • Have a fundraising plan that is used.
    • Grants are written professionally and submitted on time.
  • Marketing
    • Know and understand its audience.
    • Conduct regular research about best ways to market.
    • Organization?s website is current, easy to navigate and represents the organization well.
    • There are sufficient resources to market appropriately.
  • Advocacy
    • Board members participate in local, state and national arts advocacy.
    • There is a written plan for arts advocacy.
    • Advocacy training is provided.
    • Partner with others to create a strong, unified advocacy voice for local and statewide issues.

Organization Checklist
  Campbell Rodriguez

on January 2, 2012

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