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  • Choosing a Maid Service
    • Decide if you want to hire an individual or a service.
    • Have a clear job description ready.
    • Decide what is your budget.
    • Check your local yellow pages, the internet and the local bulletin boards to find candidates.
    • Get recommendations from your friends and family members.
    • Interview all the chosen candidates.
    • Perform a background and reference check.
    • Figure out what jobs a maid is willing to do.
    • Check if the maid is bonded and insured.
    • Have a telephonic discussion with your maid’s last employer.
    • Settle the timing before hiring the maid service.
  • Hiring a Maid Service
    • Have the maid service come in for a trial cleaning, be home for it.
    • Negotiate for a better price.
    • Find out if the maid service requires you to provide the cleaning supplies.
    • Provide supervision and feedback.
    • Don’t hesitate to fire someone who isn’t working out.

Maid Service Checklist
  Sydney Benderman

on January 1, 2012

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