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  • How to Get LEED Certification
    • Get information on the LEED certification process.
    • Decide what level of LEED certification you are aiming for.
    • Consider including an optional higher certification target to stimulate creativity.
    • Check what LEED documents you will require.
    • Check any refernce guides.
    • Set a clear and adequate budget.
    • Register with the GBCI.
    • Prepare an application outlining the building’s green features and how they meet the LEED criteria.
    • Check the directory of LEED-accredited professionals.
    • Hire LEED-accredited professionals to assist you in meeting your LEED goal.
    • Check information on LEED training workshops.
    • Check a calendar of green building industry conferences.
    • Have your application submitted for evaluation.
    • After application review, receive formal notification and a certificate of recognition.
    • If certification not awarded, appeal the decision.
  • Tips
    • Stick to your budget and your LEED goal.
    • Be sure your entire project team is focused on meeting your LEED goal.
    • Be sure to examine green investments in terms of how they will affect expenses.
    • Learn ways to earn LEED credits without extra cost.

LEED Certification Checklist
  Campbell Rodriguez

on January 1, 2012

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