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  • Letting Out a Property
    • Register as a landlord.
    • Inform mortgage lender.
    • Check tax implications.
    • Ensure adequate smoke detection is in place.
    • Ensure qualified electrician carries out portable appliance testing.
    • Arrange for electrical periodic inspection report.
    • Arrange for Gas Safety certificate check.
    • Inspect for Repairing Standard purposes.
    • Compile inventory and take meter readings.
    • Arrange Energy Performance Certificate.
    • Advertise for tenant.
    • Arrange viewings (with permission of current tenant if property is occupied).
    • Check references and details.
  • Short Assured Tenancy
    • Give tenant copy of Gas Safety Certificate.
    • Inform tenant of Repairing Standard Rights.
    • Arrange payment of rent, deposit etc.
    • Inform Council Tax of tenant details.
    • Complete Key Agreement form.
    • Hand over keys.
    • Inform tenant that 24 hours notice for visits will be given (except in emergency situations).
    • Tour property, show tenant how things work, point out stopcock and meters.
    • Tell tenant how to report repairs and emergencies.
    • Arrange settling in visit 6 weeks into tenancy.
  • End Tenancy
    • Arrange check out visit.
    • Tenant vacates.
    • Get keys back.
    • Refund deposit.
    • Prepare property for re-letting.

Landlord Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 1, 2012

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