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  • Irrigation Design
    • Visit the site and study the layout.
    • Take plant growth including trees and shrubs into account when designing and placing sprinklers and mirco-irrigation.
    • Make sure the irrigation design strives for zero over spray onto streets, driveways, sidewalks, enterances, parking areas, etc.
    • Design spacing of sprinkler heads with a minimum of "head-to-head" coverage.
    • Use separate watering zones for areas with different water use needs.
    • Work to avoid surface runoff.
    • Where appropriate use drip irrigation to save water.
  • Irrigation Installation and Testing
    • Contact appropriate local utility company to locate underground cables, telephone, gas or electric lines, etc.
    • Discuss making any changes with an irrigation system designer.
    • Make an irrigation system map.
    • Make sure the clock is set for the proper day of the week and time of day.
    • Check for any leaks.
  • Inspect System
    • Repair or replace broken or missing rotor heads, spray heads, "bubblers" and drip emitters.
    • Make sure all heads pop-up all of the way and fully retract when the water is turned off.
    • Check for sprinklers blocked by grass, plants or other obstacles.
    • Make sure sprinklers are vertical and flush with the soil grade.
    • Check for proper pressure.
    • Clean or replace clogged nozzles and clean the sprinkler’s trash screen, if it has one.
    • Make sure all heads direct water to landscape.

Irrigation Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 1, 2012

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