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  • Buildings insurance
    • Look at the specified amount or limit for buildings cover protection.
    • How much will it cost to rebuild your home? Not just the resale value as this may differ wildly.
    • Does the policy cover accommodation for you, should your home become uninhabitable?
    • Does it cover outside buildings?
    • If you are in a high-risk flood area, are you covered?
    • In addition to the overall structure of your property, what permanent fixtures and fittings are covered, if any?
    • Do you live in a high crime area?
    • What about the style of your house? Do you have any unusual features? Or is your property a listed building?
  • Contents insurance
    • Look at the specified amount or limit of contents cover protection.
    • Have you got everything valued accurately?
    • Are your antiques or valuables covered, or do you need to take out separate cover for these? It may work out cheaper to get them insured separately with a specialist contents insurance provider.
    • Do you have children or animals? It could be worth adding accidental damage to your policy
    • Do you have any single items that need to ber
    • Do you live in a high crime area?
    • How far outside of your home are your items covered for?
    • Does the policy cover your items when you are abroad?

Insurance Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 1, 2012

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