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  • Before you start house-hunting
    • Establish your property budget.
    • Get pre-approved for a mortgage
    • Decide on the type of area you want to live in.
    • Decide the type of property that best suit your needs.
    • Check if the area is convenient to work, essential shops, schools and other services that you need.
    • Check for public transportation.
    • Decide if having family and friends nearby is a priority.
    • Decide what lifestyle amenities are important (beach, pools, parks, views, general shopping).
    • Determine any apparent concern or risk factors.
    • Check the development history and development forecast of the area.
    • Check the crime rate for the area.
    • Find a local real estate agent.
  • While you’re house-hunting
    • See a variety of properties in order to get a feel for the market.
    • Talk to real estate agents to get a better idea of properties available and prices in the area.
    • Devote at least one day a week to serious house hunting.
    • Keep a property checklist.
    • Take snaps of various properties, inside and out, to act as reminders.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection (by a specialist)
    • Check under-floor areas for ventilation.
    • Check if the walls are straight and free from major bulges.
    • Check if the windows have double-pane insulating glass.
    • Check if floors are free from squeaking.
    • Check weatherboards for sagging or rot.
    • Check roof condition, guttering, flues, chimneys and flashings.
    • Check eaves for water staining that may reveal roof or gutter problems.
    • Check rooms for evidence of water entry or mildew.
    • Check garages and sheds for water penetration.
    • Check timber floors for rot, mould, borer and termites.
    • Check concrete floors for exposed perimeters, cracks and water penetration.
    • Check wet or damp areas like bathrooms, showers and laundries for cracks, leaks and mildew.
    • Check for evidence of existing or past pest activity.
    • Check any trees nearby for possible structural damage caused by roots.

House Hunting Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 28, 2011

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