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  • Spring – Exterior
    • Gutters and downspouts These should be cleared out at the beginning of the year and checked to ensure there are no leaks.
    • Siding A pressure washer can be used to clean away winter dirt and debris, and painting done on exposed wood if needed.
    • Roof Check for missing shingles or flashing; replace if necessary.
    • Deck/porch Check for loose railing or wobbly steps; clean with pressure washer and apply stain/sealant.
    • Landscaping Schedule your lawn service to perform a general cleanup of the yard and arrange for regular lawn care.
    • Sprinklers Test run your sprinkler system – if there is a problem, call your professional to fix it before it is needed.
    • Pesticide Call a pest control company to spray for insects such as wasps, ants, spiders and mosquitoes.
  • Spring – Interior
    • Air conditioning system Call a professional to conduct a check of your system before using it.
    • Hot water heater Drain water and sludge and refill; have serviced by a plumber if needed.
    • Windows Use a blow dryer to check for cracks and seal with caulk to increase energy savings.
    • Doors Check screens for rips or holes; mend or replace as needed.
    • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors Test and replace batteries if needed.
  • Fall – Exterior
    • Oil/propane Have tanks checked and filled in preparation for cold weather.
    • Lawn Have a tree service take down any dead limbs and trim branches touching structures. Mulch garden, flowerbeds and plants in preparation for winter.
    • Concrete Check driveways, sidewalks and foundations for cracks. Call a professional to mend them before freezing weather arrives.
    • Outside pipes Turn off taps and drain pipes and hoses.
  • Fall – Interior
    • Heating system Have a professional service your furnace before using it.
    • Fireplace Have a chimney sweeping service clean the flue.
    • Attic. Check for any cracks and stuff steel wool into holes to deter rodents
    • Windows and doors Caulk cracks and replace weather-stripping if needed.
    • Pantry Lay in enough dry goods and bottled water in case of emergency in areas where major snowfall or power outages can occur.

Most homeowners recognize that regular maintenance is priority to keep their home in tip top condition. Just a little attention at key times of year can stave off costly renovations and prevent potentially dangerous conditions from developing. You should keep a constant eye on the condition of your home throughout the year, but in the spring and fall there are regular maintenance routines you should follow to ensure your home can stand up to the passing of time and the vagaries of the weather. This is particularly true in locations where severe weather can be expected. If you receive large amounts of snowfall in the winter or rain in the spring if you can expect temperatures to swing wildly between seasons. This checklist can help you get started and keep you on the right track; not every item on it will apply to your specific situation, but most of these tasks should be carried out on a regular basis.


If you live in a region where hurricanes or tornadoes are frequent, you will want to safeguard your home against such events. Even if you simply have extremely high humidity, or live close to the water where salt spray is an issue, you will find there is need to do more rigorous home maintenance on a more frequent basis.  On the other hand, if you reside in a more moderate climate, your home maintenance regime may be limited to a touch up once in a while and a quick overview of the basics in the spring and fall. Still, there are always items that should be checked on a regular basis, inside and outside your home, to ensure your family’s safety, the integrity of your home, and energy efficiency.  Doing home maintenance regularly can save you lots of time and money over the years, as you take care of small issues before they turn into large, expensive ones.

Home Maintenance Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on January 1, 2012

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