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  • Define Company’s Present State
    • Answer the question: "Where are we now?"
    • Identify company current attributes.
    • Identify company competencies and performance levels throughout all departments.
    • Review the business files and financial documents.
    • Perform staff interviews.
    • Compare current characteristics to its current performance in terms of market share, sales and profits.
  • Revisit the Objectives and Goals
    • Answer the question, "Where do we want to be?"
    • Revisit the goals concerning target market share, sales and profits.
  • Bridge the Gap
    • Answer the question: "How are we going to get there?"
    • Look for any discrepancies in performance, or "gaps" that may be hindering the company’s ability to reach its potential.
    • Develop new objectives that guide the company in achieving its overall goals.
    • Turn the findings and new goals into a report.
    • Determine how a company implements the findings of a gap analysis.
    • Estimate profitability if the overall goal is accomplished.

Gap Analysis Checklist
  Jake R Brady

on December 28, 2011

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