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  • Pre-Arrival
    • Confirm offer letter sent to new employee.
    • Call or email to officially welcome the new employee.
    • Provide new employee with a contact in the event of a question or issue.
    • Create an on-boarding schedule for new employee.
    • Assign on-boarding peer for new employee’s first two months on the job.
    • Contact Marketing and Communication office to order business cards, if applicable.
    • Contact Administrative Services and Information Technology to set up computer, phone, log in password, and order office supplies.
    • Provide the email account and password information to the new employee.
    • Send an announcement via email to all other employees.
  • Arrival
    • Contact Administrative Services regarding parking options.
    • Introduce to co-workers.
    • Distribute assigned key and/or access card to office.
    • Discuss procedures for scheduling time off and unexpected absences.
    • Review work schedule, pay schedule and overtime policy.
    • Review appropriate attire for workplace.
    • Go over phones, fax, copier, office supplies.
    • Provide computer orientation at desk.
    • Give a department tour.
    • Arrange a welcome lunch for new employee.
  • Within First Week
    • Obtain permanent parking permit.
    • Review job responsibilities, competencies, and expectations.
    • Review performance feedback and appraisal process.
    • Review department’s mission, strategy, values, functions, policies and procedures.
    • Review emergency regulations.
    • Provide health and safety training.
  • Within First Month
    • Schedule weekly or monthly meeting to touch base with supervisor.
    • Overview of budget and finance procedures and policies.
    • Review and clarify performance objectives and expectations after the first month
    • Set up brief meeting with department’s head.

Employee On-boarding Checklist
  Alex Strickland

on December 29, 2011

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