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  • Coaching
    • Plan the approach before you start a coaching session.
    • Hold a preliminary meeting with the learner to establish the ground rules.
    • Identify and agree the learning needs.
    • Determine the learning objectives.
    • Agree success criteria.
    • Review the options and make a detailed plan.
    • Identify the learners learning style.
    • Identify suitable opportunities for coaching.
    • Carry out the session or program of sessions.
    • Give a clear and easy-to-follow demonstration.
    • Watch for signs that the learner has missed something.
    • Build in summaries and reviews at appropriate points.
    • Let the learner try out the task for themselves.
    • Provide the encouragement all learners need.
    • Provide honest feedback.
    • Plan development activities for the learner to undertake between coaching sessions.
    • Discuss and review the learner’s success against the criteria and standards for acceptable performance.
    • Discuss how well the learner handled the learning process.
    • Plan more coaching if the task or the learning objectives haven’t been met in full.
  • Coach Skills
    • Caring, supportive and patient.
    • Have good listening skills.
    • Aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.
    • Have good verbal and non-verbal skills.
    • Good observers and counsellors.

Coaching Checklist
  Kimberly French

on December 29, 2011

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