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  • Living Room
    • Before going to bed, do a quick sweep-through, straightening up whatever looks out of place.
    • Collect newspapers for recycling.
    • Place remote controls in a designated location.
    • Use baskets for organizing papers, magazines, and television guides.
    • Introduce the rule: whoever carries something into the room also carries it out.
  • Bedroom
    • Use the space under the bed for storage
    • Periodically toss out five items from your nightstand, dresser or closet.
  • Bathroom
    • Stash several plastic bags in the bottom of the wastebasket.
    • Keep a package of baby wipes and paper towels to quickly clean the mirror and sink.
    • Toss out five items from the medicine cabinet like outdated medications or old lipstick.
  • Kitchen
    • Clean as you go.
    • If something spills on the floor, mop it up at once.
    • Used plates and glasses go into the dishwasher.
    • Clear off the counters, putting items into cabinets where they belong.
  • Garage
    • Organize everything by function.
    • Use hanging racks and shelves to put things in order.
    • Keep garbage cans, lawn mowers and snowblowers in the same place.

Clutter Control Checklist
  Nicole Nichols-West

on December 29, 2011

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