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  • Before You Rent a Car
    • Talk to your insurance agent to verify what coverage you have when renting a car.
    • Talk to your road service provider to see if they cover service calls on rental cars.
    • Tuck a small flashlight into your carry-on bag.
  • At the Rental Car Counter
    • Ask the representative how they know the car you’re renting has completed its prerental maintenance check.
    • Ask the representative what to do if the car breaks down.
    • Ask the representative what will happen if you lose the car key.
    • Ask for any phone numbers to call should the car get stuck or break down.
  • At the Car
    • Take a walk around ; ensure there’s no obvious damage.
    • Make sure the license plates are current.
    • Look at the tires for inflation, good tread, and even tread wear.
    • Get in and check the cleanliness and smell of the car.
    • Check the odometer.
    • Check the lights.
    • Spray the windshield to ensure that the washer system works and the wipers are in good shape.
    • Ensure that there’s an owners manual in the glove box.
    • Do under-hood and under-trunk inspections.
    • Check the trunk for a spare tire, jack and lug wrench.
    • Open the hood and check the fluids.
    • Get in and familiarize yourself with the cockpit.
    • Adjust the seats and mirrors.
    • Drive the car inside the rental lot before taking to the open road.
  • When You Drop Off the Car
    • Check mileage.
    • Check gas gauge.
    • Locate your cell phone, eyeglasses, wallet, and briefcase.
    • Check on and under front and back seats.
    • Check the trunk.
    • Check glove and storage compartments.
    • Inspect the car for damage.

Car Rental Checklist
  Taylor Peterson

on December 25, 2011

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