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  • New Business Name
    • Choose a new business name.
    • Set goals around the attributes of the new name.
    • Check if your chosen name is not taken.
    • Select a group of trusted customers and talked to them about the new business name.
    • Pass a resolution to change the company’s name to the company’s directors.
    • Register your new business name with your state attorney general.
  • Changing Business Name
    • Change the name on the automatic answering telephone.
    • Ask each employee to re-record their voicemail if they use the company name.
    • Change the name on the logo of the web site.
    • Update all the pages on the website.
    • Get the domain for the new name and redirect the old site.
    • Leave a ‘trail’ in the meta tag description and keyword of the old name.
    • Have a transition on the return address of the envelopes so you don’t lose your cash flow when your customers throw away your invoices.
    • Make it into a celebration so the old time employees have closure.
    • Write a press release and post it on your website explaining why.
    • Update your listings in directories.
    • Post a press release on PRWeb, PRNewswire and the like.
    • Send a letter to all your customers: current, former and potential.
    • Make sure all the employees know, especially the ones off site.
    • Send a letter and email to all your vendors.
    • Order a new sign for out front.
    • Get a trinket: mousepads, tshirts, pens, baseball caps as appropriate.

Business Name Change Checklist
  Jake R Brady

on December 28, 2011

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