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  • Opening Your Bar Business
    • Decide what type of bar business to start.
    • Determine what type of customers your business attracts.
    • Create a business plan for your bar.
    • Decide what kind of company to form.
    • Choose a name for your bar.
    • Establish finances.
    • Get start-up financing for your bar business.
    • Check the types of licences you will require.
    • Check information about insurance for your bar.
    • Check the tax information specific to the alcoholic beverage service industry.
    • Determine how much space you need to open a bar.
    • Check what to consider then choosing a location.
    • Decide on the exterior and interior design.
    • Check what equipment and supplies you need.
    • Research the vendors to get the supplies.
  • Managing Your Bar Business
    • Develop effective systems for running your bar daily.
    • Decide what to serve at your bar.
    • Decide on the pricing of the drinks and menu items.
    • Find and train staff.
    • Think of ways to attract customers to yourt bar.
    • Organize special events to attract new customers.
    • Budget, track sales and calculate the cost of sales and inventory.
    • Think of ways to redice the costs.
    • Develop good customer relations.
    • Think about security for your bar.

Bar Checklist
  Jake R Brady

on December 25, 2011

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