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  • Preliminaries
    • Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one.
    • Ask friends, coworkers and family members for the names of mechanics that they use.
    • Be sure to find out about any bad experiences with certain mechanics.
    • Talk to people who have cars similar to yours, if you are new to an area.
    • Make sure the mechanic you’ve chosen services your type of car.
    • Check with your local consumer organization regarding the reputation of the shop in question.
    • Check the warranty on the repair work before leaving the car at the shop.
    • Find out what the shop’s hours are.
  • At the Shop
    • Check if the parking lot is clean and neat.
    • Look into the service bays – is the floor clean, or is it cluttered with rags, scattered tools and debris?
    • Check if the mechanics all have well-kept uniforms.
    • Check if the displays are neat and informative
    • Look on the walls inside for certificates showing training courses that their mechanics and associates have been through.
    • Take a look at mechanic’s toolbox, and its condition.
    • Take your time, and let the mechanic give your vehicle a thorough once-over.
    • Ask for a full explanation of what is going to be done to the car.
    • Talk to the mechanic, ask questions and request to see the old parts when they are removed.
    • When in doubt, go back to the dealership.
  • Tips
    • Bring your car into the shop for small stuff like oil changes and brake checks to develop a relationship.
    • Don’t choose a shop based solely on price.
    • If you have had indications that there is something wrong with your car, be prepared to express these symptoms.

Auto Mechanic Checklist
  Taylor Peterson

on December 29, 2011

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