Rental Walk Through Checklist

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Rental Walk Through Checklist
  • These should be solid and equipped with deadbolts. Locks should have been changed since the last tenant.
  • All windows should lock from the inside and be equipped with screens or bars.
  • Note if a good security system is installed, and find out who is responsible for service.
  • Is the paint fresh, or are there stains or torn wallpaper? If painting is needed, request that the landlord do so or give you a discount on rent in exchange for your doing it.
  • Note any gouges in wood flooring, cracks in tile, or stains on carpet.
  • Note any cracks, sagging or water stains.
  • There should be no mold or sign of pest infestation.
  • Check under sinks and behind toilets to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Flush each toilet to see how much water they use and if they are noisy.
  • Check sink, tub and shower faucets for drips. Leaks can run up your water bill fast.
  • Showers, tub surrounds, etc should be checked for missing tiles or grout. Cracks in the sink or counter should be noted as well.
  • The hot water heater should be well maintained and set to a safe hot water temperature.
  • Find out what switches control what lights and plug outlets.
  • Look for blackened outlets or ones marred by screws being forced in the ground. Insist on their replacement.
  • Ask to be shown the breaker box and request a diagram showing what switch controls what in the house.
  • Check to see if smoke and carbon monoxide monitors are provided and in working order.
  • These should be tagged as inspected by the proper authorities - fire extinguishers can lose efficiency after time.
  • Make sure windows that would be needed to escape in case of fire are not painted shut. Upper levels should have fire escape access.
  • If possible, run the dishwasher through a short cycle during your walk-through.
  • Also run the washing machine through a rinse and spin cycle.
  • Make sure the element gets hot and that it spins freely.
  • Check each burner, the oven coil and the broiler. The stove should not be direct wired to the wall.
  • The fridge should be clean and cold. Test by freezing some ice cubes.
  • These should both be tested no matter what the season. Ask who is responsible for replacing filters.
  • Note any damage or missing shingles.
  • If landscaping is in disrepair, find out what you are expected to be responsible for.
  • Any damaged or weak fencing should be duly noted.
  • If there is an electric garage door, make sure you get a remote door opener.
Scores 4.78 with 878 votes

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