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People love lists! And checklists even more!

Turn any list on your site into a beautiful interactive checklist. Let your visitors Print, Use, Share, Download to Mobile and more. All 100% Free.

If you run a successful website, you probably have many lists throughout your content. But those lists tend to be boring bullet lists your readers browse through and forget they have ever seen them.

Introducing "Checklist For Publishers". Our technology toolbox allows you to turn any list on your site into an interactive usable, sharable checklist. This increases your user engagement and helps you build a sticky relationship with your readers. Once your visitors save the list to their Checklist app (on iOS/ Android and Web), it will include a link back to your page reminding them where it came from and further build your brand awareness and increase traffic.

Have a great article and looking to complement it with our checklists? Easily embed any checklist into your site. Just copy and paste the code available on any of our checklists

Do you have some expertise the Checklist community can enjoy? Share it on our platform by publishing a checklist. You can choose from multiple checklist templates formats (simple, recipe, links, trip plan and more).


  • Let users enjoy a beautiful interactive checklist rather than a boring bullet list
  • Let users save the list for later (with a link back to your blog)
  • Let users print your lists (sourcing your blog)
  • Turn visitors into returning users (increase page views)
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Get exposure on
  • Add interactive checklists from our database to your content for better engagement
  • Show off your expertise on

Pick up any of the free tools available below to turn passing by visitors into engaged users.

Embed Checklist

Place any of our interactive checklists on your website for additional supporting content. Customizable to your site's look & feel.

Checklist WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin

Easily turn any list on your blog into an interactive checklist and increase site engagement & stickiness. Saved lists link back to your post.