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Checklists to run your business

Harness the power of Checklists to run your business processes

Paper checklists have always offered a proven method to improve productivity and quality in business. With Checklist Pro you can turn them into digital shareable checklists with the additional advantages of accountability, visibility, security and much more.

Getting started is as easy as:


Define Templates

Use our template editor to describe your business process in simple tasks. You can start from scratch or re-use a template from our library.


Trigger Checklists

Checklists can then be either triggered ad hoc or scheduled. Users work the list on desktop or mobile device. Alone or in collaboration.


Track Progress

From bird's eye to detail view, know what's happening across your organization. Address issues early on & archive for later auditing.

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1. Define Templates

Map your business processes onto simple, task by task, checklists with our user-friendly Editor. No need for complex BPM (Business Process Management) solutions. Choose from thousands of checklist templates or start from scratch.

Templates Library

Choose from thousands of pre-tested checklist templates and customize them to fit your exact business needs.


With a simple interface, you can easily create and schedule your templates. Edit tasks, properties, structure and schedules.


Preview what your templates would look like to your users right from the Editor. Immediately see changes you make.

Capture Data

No need to settle for just checks. Let users capture and collect data of any type as they go through the list.


Set Reminders to ensure your team knows when they are expected to complete a task. Reminders are relative to the start of the checklist.

Rich Content

Enhance tasks with clear instructions, images or videos (*) so new members can learn on the job. Include tips for handling exceptions.

Organization Manager

Easily map your organization onto (multiple) teams. Invite and manage members from one place.

User Roles

Assign different roles to team members: Admin, Editor, Runner etc. Members can only view or perform actions within their role.


Use Folders to organize your team's templates. Star templates you wish to add to the team's Dashboard

2. Trigger Checklists

Once you have created your templates, you can schedule them or run them ad-hoc. Your team can work across desktop or mobile with seemless synchronization.

In addition to all Checklist App Features, Pro users can also enjoy:

Automatic Scheduling

Templates can be scheduled to run one time or repeatedly (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or annually).

Ad Hoc Triggering

A Special Dashboard is available to quickly run selected ad-hoc checklists.

Task Assignment

Share workload across team members by assigning tasks to specific users making them accountable.

One-off Tasks *

When things go wrong and additional work is required, team members can create one-off tasks.

3. Track Progress

Always know who's doing what and how they are progressing. Anticipate and resolve issues early so you can delight your customers.

Running Checklists

Track your processes in real-time with a bird's eye view or zoom into specific checklists.

100% Visibility

You and your team can have visibility into the team's progress for better team collaboration.

Deadlines & Reminders

View upcoming & expired deadlines. Both users & managers receive reminders for expired deadlines.

Audit Trail *

Every action your team takes can be tracked and archived for auditing and compliance purposes.


Be notified when things go wrong via email, mobile or web apps.


Sensitive data is protected. Only team members have access to team checklists.


Integrate with your other systems using our open REST based Checklist API.

Export *

Export your checklist runs to 3rd party tools for improved Business Intelligence, backup or compliance.

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Advantages of using Checklist in your organization

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* - currently available in closed beta