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Tutorial for a Tutorial Format

Tutorial for a Tutorial Format

Many tutorials can be made into checklists as they involve a list of "to dos" you have to follow. Those may also include additional instructions and pictures to better visualize the material.

This tutorial is a tutorial for creating a tutorial checklist template (yes - we had a little fun coming up with the name).


Channel: ChecklisterPublished on Sep 10, 2016

Before getting started with the Tutorial format, we suggest you get yourself familiar with the Simple format. We have made a great tutorial for it:

Simple Format Tutorial

This tutorial will not repeat what is already in the Simple format tutorial but focus on what is specific for the Tutorial format.

Adding a Step

Unlike the Simple format where everything was entered into one textarea, the Tutorial is made of multiple steps. Each step is made of a name, notes and optional picture(s). When creating a new tutorial, we already add one empty step for you. Start by filling it out.

Each tutorial can have an unlimited number of steps. To add more steps, simply click on the "+ Add Another Step" button. A new empty step will be added which you can use to enter your new step.

Managing Steps

Once finished entering your step, you can easily make changes to your steps. You can:
Delete a step. Simply click on the trash can at the top right of the step you wish to delete.
Re-arrange steps order. Each step will have Up/ Down buttons under the trash can which you can use to re-arrange its location in the list.
View picture. Each step picture will show its name and a link which will open the image in a new window. You can use this to verify the images.
Delete picture. Click on the red trash can next to the link

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Channel: ChecklisterPublished on Sep 10, 2016

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