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Tutorial for a Trip Plan Format

Tutorial for a Trip Plan Format

Don't we all love planning our next holiday? But it's always a struggle to find great ready made trip plans that you can base YOUR plan on. Enter the Trip Plan format: an interactive map with detailed information about each Point Of Interest (POI) on the plan.


Channel: ChecklisterPublished on Sep 10, 2016

Before getting started with the Trip Plan format, we suggest you get yourself familiar with the Simple format. We have made a great tutorial for it:

Simple Format Tutorial

This tutorial will not repeat what is already in the Simple format tutorial but focus on what is specific for the Trip Plan format.

Setting the Trip Destination

Setting the trip destination country will automatically tag your trip plan under the selected country. In addition, it will limit the selection of new POIs to the chosen country (filtering out places outside the destination).

Adding Points Of Interest (POIs)

The building blocks of a trip plan are the Points Of Interest (POIs). To quickly add a POI to the list, start typing its name in the POI name text box. Select your POI from the drop down and see how it is loaded on the map and any available additional info is entered for you.

Next, add a link to the POI's website, a description and any pictures you may have. Remember that pictures speak louder than words and users love experiencing places via them.

Click on "+ Add POI" and the POI will be added to your list and the new POI form will be cleared so that you can add the next POI.

Managing POIs

Once finished entering the POIs, you can easily make changes. You can:
Delete a POI. Simply click on the trash can at the top right of the POI you wish to delete.
Re-arrange POI's order. Each POI will have Up/ Down buttons under the trash can which you can use to re-arrange its location in the plan.
View picture. Each POI picture will show its name and a link which will open the picture in a new window. You can use this to verify the images.
Delete picture. Click on the red trash can next to the picture link

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Channel: ChecklisterPublished on Sep 10, 2016

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