Travel Checklist


Going biking? We've got everything you'll need to bring with you on your journey. Check out Art of Bicycle Trips travel checklist for the basic traveling must-haves and recommended biking clothes and gear, and ensure you don't forget anything!

  • . Bring 10-15 copies of your passport. This is required at each hotel as per Indian government rules.
  • . Bring 10-15 copies of your Visa. This is required at each hotel as per Indian government rules.

  • . Please limit your luggage to one soft-sided medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on bag.
  • . Mark your luggage with your name, address and phone number.
  • . Imodium, salt tablets, plasters, motion sickness pills, etc.)
  • . Bird watching

  • . Cleat shoes and special pedals (bring your own) can be great for comfort and performance. We encourage you to take the time to learn how to ride with them before using them on your bike vacation.
  • . Recommend to carry/wear short (or wrap-around) skirt or long pants on top of cycling shorts
  • . Provides much-needed padding for your hands (as the Asian roads are not always smooth) and will prevent them from getting sore and tired as the day goes on
  • . We recommend to bring good cycling bottle such as CamelBak. It immensely reduces plastic waste.
  • . Choose a fabric such as polypropylene, Capilene or Coolmax

CLIMATE August, September marks the monsoon season in Rajasthan and the countryside feels alive. The temperature could be close to 25-30 degree Celsius in nights, but the days are sunny & humid with temperatures around 30-40 degree Celsius. If it is humid and hot, we recommend to start biking early in the morning around 6 AM, carry packed breakfast and end riding by noon time to avoid heatstroke. November, December, January & February marks the winter season in Rajasthan. The monsoon season has ended. The temperature could be close to 2-5 degree Celsius in nights in Dec-Jan, but the days are sunny with temperatures around 15-20 degree Celsius. Nights can get chilly in the highlands. LUGGAGE Please Note Art of Bicycle Trips recommends that you not bring valuable personal electronics including, but not limited to, IPAD, laptop computers and expensive cameras. While we will transport them from place to place during the trip as a convenience, we do not assume responsibility for any damage, loss or loss of function to the devices. This policy also applies to other items such as expensive jewelry, fur coats and fragile and delicate accessories, whether purchased on the trip or otherwise.