The Bad Boy "Look"

Are you trying to create a bad boy who fits the usual "look"? This is a great way of giving your reader visual cues on who they're supposed to love and be interested in your character off the bat. They can associate your bad boy with all of those sexy bad boys they remember from elsewhere. Of course, this only works if your bad boy has a character and isn't just a walking stereotype, so make sure you spend some time on character development! And as always, your bad boy doesn't need to tick all of these boxes to work!

  • Most bad boys wear dark colours. You're going to be pressed to find a bad boy wearing light blue or green. And if any of their clothes are light, they're either white or grey. No bright colours here!
  • Loads of bad boys wear a leather jacket. I mean, loads of people do in general! Leather jackets are really cool and I personally love them! Most bad boys own one.
  • If it's not leather, it's denim! But make sure that the colour isn't too bright!
  • Your bad boy can be clean-shaven or he can have some stubble. Any more than that? Well, he loses that boyish charm! Maybe he's a bad man? I don't know. It doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • Dark, of course. Maybe chinos from time to time, but jeans are your safest bet.
  • Our bad boy is ripped! Maybe you'll look for any chance you can to get him to take his top off. Maybe your main character will just love those muscular arms!
  • It can be a cool sports car, too! Anything that goes fast, really! Lots of bad boys love speed, adrenaline and risk.
  • Many bad boys smoke. Lots of readers will think this looks cool. It also adds to the idea that he lives in the moment and doesn't really care about future health problems.
  • He looks brooding and mysterious. He's clearly hiding some dark past.
  • Yes, this one goes directly against the serious expression. You can't have both! but both of them come from the same place: both types of bad boys have a dark past. The only difference is how they handle it. The joking bad boy uses humour to hide his insecurities.
  • The girls do love those tattoos! Sleeve tattoos, in particular, do well. If he has some deep reason to get each one of them, even better!