Telemarketing Checklist

Reasons to outsource

  • How much will you save compared to the cost of hiring and training enough staff members to effectively manage your telesales campaign in-house?
  • How much will you save on phone equipment and set up as well as office space, employee workstations and other office related costs?
  • A professional telemarketing team will give the best results and provide a positive customer service experience.

Company experience

Questions to ask

Types of services

A telemarketing company that operates successfully is one that understands that a great telemarketing campaign can't depend solely on good client lists, leads or prospects. There are many variables involved in a successful telemarketing endeavor, and the company you choose to handle your telemarketing needs should be above reproach and focused on not only sales but providing a good customer service experience that reflects well on your own company. The following checklist will help you figure out what to look for in a telemarketing company so you get the right services at the right price.


Good telemarketers have the right combination of people skills and the ability to focus on the ‘Yes’ in order to produce the desired results. Any telemarketing company you consider hiring should have strict hiring parameters and employ on the best. This will result in a higher level of conversions because every call will be handled with the utmost professionalism. Steer clear of companies that hire just anyone who applies, ‘train’ them over the course of a week, and pay their employees only minimum wage. Telemarketing sales outperform direct mail when done correctly, and are a proven method for generating a high ROI. They have access to better leads lists, and can target your desired demographic. Hiring a telemarketing company makes sense because telesales is what they do, exclusively – and they can do it cheaper and more efficiently and successfully than you can if you keep the operation in-house. Outsourcing your telemarketing needs to a telemarketing company can free you from the need to invest in a ‘boiler room’ full of phone equipment and staff. A telemarketing firm strips away everything hut the sales and can concentrate on that aspect without having to be distracted by additional duties or distractions (something which often happens with onsite call staff if you try to run your own telemarketing).