Publish Checklist

Share your expertise with the community. Take your great checklists and easily publish them so that anyone on can learn from your experiences. Naturally, we contribute the checklist to your by placing your logo, name and link to your profile page.


It's simple:

  • in the checklist application, go to the checklist and click on the "Publish Your Checklist" button
  • add an intro text to let users know what this checklist is for. Add any tips you may have for a successful completion
  • add tags so people can find the checklist under the right category and click on Publish
  • make sure your public profile is up to date!
  • share the published checklist on your social media or link to it from your blog (view our Checklist Promotion Checklist)


  • build your brand as an expert
  • get credit
  • drive traffic to your site
  • show off your expertise
  • free, easy and cool!

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