Checklist is here to help publishers gain more exposure to users as well as develop a "sticky" relationship with them. The following free tools can be used by any website owner, blogger or anyone with a web presence:

Publish Checklist

Share your expertise. Make any checklist you have created accessible to anyone on our site and gain more exposure. We make sure we give you credit for the checklist. So make sure your public profile is up to date!


Want to provide your visitors with a valuable interactive checklist? It's simple: just click on the embed button (< >) on any checklist and copy the HTML code to your website.

Save List

Do you have a checklist (or any other list) on your site? Why not make it interactive and let users save it to their account? Your users will value the service you provided them and will always have your logo next to the list as they work on it.

Sticky relationships. What is a sticky relationship and why should you have one with your visitors? You spend a lot of resources bringing in visitors to your site. You try to keep them on your site as long as possible. But do they come back to your site? Recurring clients is the basis of any successful business. So how can we help? When your users use your checklists on they keep seeing your logo on the checklist. They associate the useful checklist with your business! They can always click on your link to see the original checklist and return to your site! Now that is sticky!